Vitamins for your dog

Like humans, dogs also need vitamins to keep them healthy. It is important though to get the amounts correct before giving them to your dogs.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A, is a vitamin found in carrots is what gives you your good vision. Vitamin A is fat-soluble also helps growth, immune function, fetal development, and cell activity. It is vital to the health of rapidly dividing skin cells and hair follicles.

B Vitamins

Integral to your dog’s health is the Vitamin B group. Thiamine regulates carbohydrate metabolism and energy; it stimulates ion channels in neural tissue. B6 is also particularly important to your dog’s health. It’s needed for nervous system function, glucose generation, hormone regulation, and red blood cell, niacin synthesis, immune response, and activating genes.

Folic acid helps mitochondrial protein synthesis and has a responsibility for nucleotide metabolism and amino acids. Pantothenic acid supports energy metabolism. Riboflavin, B12, and niacin help to facilitate enzyme function. Symptoms of Biotin deficiencies include brittle hair, crusty skin and a loss of normal hair colour and is more likely in young, rapidly growing puppies.This can be prevented through B-complex vitamins which can promote healthy tissue growth.

Vitamin C

A vital antioxidant is Vitamin C; it helps to cut down inflammation and emotional ageing. Supplementation may provide many health benefits, however, dogs are actually able to self-synthesise vitamin C using their liver.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D allows your dog’s body to maintain minerals, such as calcium and phosphorous for healthy and strong bone growth. Dogs are not able to properly develop or grow healthy bones and muscles without it.

Vitamin E

The vitamin is fat-soluble. It is needed for fat metabolism and cell function, with deficiencies leading to reproductive problems and muscle and eye worsening. It is one of a dog’s defences against oxidative damage. This A potent natural antioxidant, vitamin E defends skin cells against the attack of free radicals.

Vitamin K

This specific vitamin is involved in activating a dog’s blood’s ability to form clots. If a dog ingests certain rat or mouse poisons, it will inhibit their capability to use this specific vitamin in their body, which will lead to haemorrhaging and can, unfortunately, be fatal if it does not get treated.


A necessary part of phospholipid cell membranes is choline. It aids liver action and healthy brain; it is sometimes used to treat pets who suffer from epilepsy.

Skin & Coat Nutrition

If your dog’s fur has lost its shine and you can see dandruff-like dry skin, then a poor diet and lack of nutrition may be affecting this. This can easily be fixed through the addition of correct nutrients to their diet. These are easy to pick up in any pet aisle of most supermarkets or specific pet shops. However, before you purchase you will need to be sure of which fatty acids, minerals and vitamins your dog is lacking in and needs.


Copper prevent hair loss, maintains the colour, and will keep your pooch’s coat shiny and soft.

Fatty acids and Omega 6

These fatty acids help general health, skin elasticity and will maintain a glossy coat. Corn, poultry fat and vegetable oils, including canola, are sources of omega 6. Fish oil, fish meal and Canola oil, all contain fatty acids.


A high-quality diet should include zinc. It will help to prevent inflamed and itchy skin as well as bacterial or fungal infections.

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