About Our Breeding Service

All of our breeding services are licensed and approved, all of our dogs have undergone extensive health checks and DNA testing to ensure that they are all in good health and able to breed. DNA testing also ensures that our dogs have the genes necessary for the litter that we wish to produce.

Our breeding services are guaranteed to produce puppies for those looking for the finest dogs; our award-winning dogs are able to pass their genes down through our breeding services making them ideal as a companion or show dog.

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Our Upcoming Litters

Take a look at our upcoming litters, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for new litters uploaded monthly.

Glasha x Evil B

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OddJob x Skye

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ULP Juggernaut x Poison Ivy

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Why Choose This Service

We are different from other dog breeders in the UK, we provide prestige, yet affordable dogs and pride ourselves on the amount of care and training that we put into our dogs to ensure that they are constantly healthy and comfortable.

Dog Food

Our dogs live a healthy protein based diet to give them a balanced diet for optimum health.

Good Conditions

Our dogs and puppies have been house trained and attend dog training classes on a regular basis.


Worming and vaccinations are all carried out indefinitely before your dog reaches it's new home.

Customer Testimonial

"After requesting the puppy I wanted I saw the litter updated on the website within the next month, I instantly made my purchase, and my dog was with me within the next few weeks wormed, vaccinated and extremely obedient. "

We Also Provide Stud Services for Dogs

We also provide stud services! Interested? Take a look at our stud services page for more information.

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