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Advertising your dog home on our website can help speed up the selling process, with regular litters and new dogs it is important that they are advertised to get them to their new home.

To advertise your dogs on our site, you will need to send us your puppies’ papers, along with vetting and medical history. As well as this you will need to send us a variety of clear images displaying your puppies with some brief information about them. Contact us today for any enquiries about advertising your dogs.

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Why Choose This Service

Our website receives a lot of traffic daily, so by advertising your dogs on our website, you can speed up the selling process for an affordable price.

Dog Food

Our dogs eat a balanced, healthy protein-based diet to keep them strong and in shape.

Good Conditions

All our dogs are professionally hand reared and brought up in a loving, caring environment.


All of our dogs have their vaccinations and are wormed before being put up for sale.

Customer Testimonial

"I put my dogs for sale on Desirabullz, and my puppies were sold and shipped off within the next week! Really helps speed up the process for a good price."