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With years of experience in breeding and caring for dogs, we know exactly how to make a dog happy. And if you’re going away and scared of trusting someone to take good care of your pet then look no further. Our dog kennels Towcester provide the ideal hotel for dogs, complete with regular exercise, plenty of socialisation with other dogs and comfortable living quarters – all for an affordable price!

OddJob x Skye

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ULP Juggernaut x Poison Ivy

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Dogs We Breed

Our huge variety of dogs a desirabullz allow us to breed dogs with the best genes to create the dog ideal for you. Take a look at some of the dogs we breed below.

American Bullys

All of our American bullys Towcester are larger than most American bullys due to the genetics passed on from their parents.

French Bulldogs

With genetics that make them stand out from other French Bulldogs Towcester, these dogs are available at an affordable price.

Chow Chows

Our Chow Chows Towcester are regularly trained, wormed and vaccinated to ensure good health and behaviour.

Why Choose DesiraBullz?

Our dogs are different from the rest; they are carefully bred to create the best litter of puppies possible, the parents of our puppies have extremely sought after genes that are found in award-winning, stunning dogs.

Selling both puppies and dogs, we sell a selection of breeds for you to choose from. Not only are our dogs available at an affordable price, but we vaccinate them, worm them and train them before they are sent to you so that you don’t have to spend the money on vaccinations and puppy training classes.

Customer Testimonial

"I purchased my 3rd dog from Desirabullz after hearing great things about them, and I cannot say I was disappointed. I went to visit the dogs before making my choice, and they are so well trained, even the youngest puppies were entirely house trained. After choosing my dog it was at home with me within the next week, cannot fault these guys."

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