Our Dog Kennels

Our dog kennels Buckingham are a safe place to put your puppy or dog while you’re away from home. We give your dogs the attention they need, taking them on walks regularly and feeding them with their specific food requirements.

OddJob x Skye

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ULP Juggernaut x Poison Ivy

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Dogs We Breed

Before breeding any of our dogs, we take time to ensure that are the right suit. All our dogs are prepped beforehand, so we get the best out of the breeding process.

American Bullys

Apollo is our main American bullys Buckingham for stud, he is huge, strong and has very strong features.

French Bulldogs

Our French bulldogs Buckingham are perfect for stud services you have the choice of Gismo or Mr Wilson.

Chow Chows

Bisto is our solid stunning chow chows Buckingham; he breeds a perfect and strong and fluffy companion.

Why Choose DesiraBullz?

Desirabullz takes pride in the dogs we breed; we aim to provide you with the perfect mix. When breeding your dogs we make sure we vet all other dogs beforehand.

All dogs are fed on a consistent nutritional diet to ensure they have strong immune systems and grow healthy. We know all information regarding our dogs so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are interested.

Customer Testimonial

"I was recommended Desirabullz by a friend, and I have to say I am impressed. The dog is perfect, she’s strong and has the facial features I had been looking for. The day we took her home, the guys gave us all the information about her diet and vitamins she might need to ensure she grew and had a strong immune system. We have had her a couple of months now and we don’t know what we ever did without her."

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