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Look through our selection of rare, unique dogs we have here at Desirabullz, they are well trained and behaved and can be yours today at an affordable price.

OddJob x Skye

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ULP Juggernaut x Poison Ivy

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Dogs We Breed

All of the dogs we breed are holders of rare genetics that enhances their colouring, size and appearance making them stand out amongst other dogs.

American Bullys

All of our American Bullys Bedford are bulky and stout but have a calm, loving personality.

French Bulldogs

Our French Bulldogs Bedford are short and stout with rare genetics making them different from an average dog.

Chow Chows

Our Chow Chows Bedford are bred to perfection with stunning fluffy fur coats and a friendly obedient personality.

Why Choose DesiraBullz?

We pride ourselves on the car we put into our dogs, with regular health checks and consistent exercise we can ensure that our dogs are happy as well as healthy.

Once the puppies are old enough, they receive all of their vaccinations beforehand and are fed a protein-based balanced diet; this allows them to build up strength quickly and be as healthy as possible. They’re quickly introduced to the other dogs and take part in regular training classes to improve their behaviour and understanding.

Customer Testimonial

"I absolutely love all of the dogs at Desirabullz; it was such a hard decision for me to choose just one. I ended up deciding on an American Bully, despite their huge size my dog is one of the gentlest loving dogs I have ever come across, definitely brought up with a lot of time and attention."

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