A Little About DesiraBullz

Desirabullz has a vast amount of experience in not only breeding dogs, but raising dogs until they’re fully grown. We know how difficult it can be in this day and age to find a dog that looks appealing yet is an affordable price and behaved.

Which is why we pride ourselves on the quality of our dogs, and litters. They all undergo extensive puppy training to ensure that they’re suitably home trained and vaccinated for when they reach their new owners. Desirabullz specialises in breeding rare and unique dogs with genetics that can enhance the features of our dogs such as their colouring, size and appearance.

Dogs We Breed

All of the dogs we breed are award-winning studs and female dogs that feature rare genetics that can create you a one of a kind.

American Bullys

Our American Bullys are large in sizing but are calm, gentle and completely house trained.

French Bulldogs

Full of energy and one of the most obedient dogs, our French Bulldogs are also holders of rare genetics.

Chow Chow

Our Chow Chows are obedient and friendly characters, complete with an extravagant well groomed fluffy coat.

We Are Licensed and Registered Breeders

We are licensed dog breeders with copious amounts of experience in hand rearing dogs as well as training them.

More About Breeding

What Makes Us Different?

Here at Desirabullz, we are dedicated to raising behaved, healthy dogs that are ready to be sent off to their new home. We believe in providing adequate one of a kind dogs for an affordable price.

Dog Food

Raised on the highest quality dog food

Good Conditions

Brought up in exemplary conditions


All neccessary vaccinations provided