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Ensuring your dog receives the best possible diet is an assured way to minimise the number of health problems. There is a myriad of dog food brands out there, providing different types of dog food, but finding the right brand and type for your dog is essential. There are also many different feeding regimes out there; homemade, tinned, wet and dry dog food. Each of these different diets is better suited to different dogs. We will run through how to provide your new puppy with the healthiest, most nutritional diet. Here is some puppy nutrition advice.

Expert Puppy Nutrition Advice

Because puppies grow at twenty times the rate an adult dog does, it is important that they’re diet aids their physical development. To avoid overstretching their little stomachs, it is vital puppies are fed at evenly spaced intervals.

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It is suggested to feed your puppy four small meals a day up until they reach four months. You can then reduce this to three meals until they are six months old. Beyond this point, they will require only one to two meals a day for the rest of their life. Nevertheless, you now need to know what to feed your puppy and which foods contain the highest nutritional values. We will run through the different types of dog food available.

Tinned Food

Wet dog food contains a much higher water content than dry food does and is therefore considerably more hydrating for puppies. It is essential dogs are constantly hydrated at any age, but it is particularly important when they are young and still developing. Wet dog food that can be found in pouches, tins or tubs is typically much more protein-rich, containing fewer grains and fillers. Young dogs will greatly benefit from the added protein in wet food. Furthermore, the texture, taste and appearance of wet food are considerably more appealing to dogs than dry food is; it is substantially more similar to the meat a dog in the wild would eat naturally.

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It is essential, when buying wet dog food, that you opt for a high-quality brand that offers an easily digestible recipe. Based on the specific dietary requirements of your dog’s breed, you will need to find a brand of dog food that caters for them specially. Here is some advice on the best food to buy for your French Bulldog puppies in Oxford.

Dry Food

When it comes to dry foods, there are a plethora of brands, all of which vary in quality. In order to provide your puppy with what they require, choose dry dog food that is specifically designed for their breed. The more expensive the food is, the better quality the ingredients it will contain. Although initially, the premium dog foods will be more expensive to buy, you won’t need to feed your puppy as much of it as you would of the lower grade food. This means it actually works out cheaper in the long run and is significantly better for your puppy’s growth and development.

If your dog is fussy about eating dry foods but you wish to carry on feeding it to them, then you can try soaking the food in a bowl of warm water. This will get them familiar with the taste of the biscuits and eventually they won’t mind eating it without the added water. Alternatively, you could mix in a small amount of tinned wet food, although there is a chance they will prefer wet food more and go off the dry food.

Homemade Food

When your puppy is very young it is important they receive the best possible diet; even a slight imbalance could impede their development. Therefore, whilst your dog is still young it is much safer to opt for one of the reliable and proven commercial diets. Any changes you wish to make to their diet should be implemented gradually over the course of a week to avoid distress. You should also stick to a new diet for a least 10 days before making any other changes.

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Nevertheless, as your dog ages, there is nothing wrong with feeding them homemade food. By preparing and cooking your dog’s meals, you know exactly what nutrients they are receiving and can monitor salt and sugar intake. If your dog suffers from a number of allergies, intolerances or sensitivities to certain foods, then cooking their food yourself is an effective way of controlling their diet meticulously. If you wish to start preparing your dog’s meals but don’t know where to start, here are 11 healthy dog food recipes you can try at home.


There is a wide variety of dog treats available on the market nowadays, but many of them contain high levels of colourings, milk products, sugar and fats. This is something you need to look out for, so make sure to always check the ingredients. Instead of choosing the most affordable option available, take a look at the better quality brands. These will have been prepared with dog dietary needs in mind. Nevertheless, even good quality dog treats should be given out sparingly and should not exceed 15% of their daily calorie intake.

If you do feed your dog treats regularly, then make sure to cut down the amount they receive for their main meals in order to avoid obesity. Although there are some dog chews and treats that do provide nutritional qualities and prevent dental diseases, make sure to examine the ingredients prior. My Itchy Dog have an extensive range of healthy dog treats that contain only natural ingredients and minimal sugars, fats and milk products.

Always avoid feeding your puppy human sweet treats or biscuits; these products will lead to the deterioration of their teeth and cause weight gain. It is important to look after your puppy’s teeth so steer clear of sugary products at all costs.

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