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Before purchasing a new puppy, it is essential to fully understand the temperament, behavioural tendencies and health issues surrounding the breed. Buying a puppy purely based on their appearance is a hugely unintelligent decision. Nevertheless, French Bulldogs are affectionate, generous and kindhearted, but not always suitable for every owner. According to the American Kennel Club, French Bulldogs have been ranked the 6th most popular breed of dog. Nonetheless, there are a number of undesirable traits these dogs possess that could put some individuals off. Here is everything to know about French Bulldogs, so that you make an educated decision when it comes to the life of the dog.

Everything to know about French Bulldogs: The Guide

Not only are these dogs a considerable monetary investment, but you also need to consider their quality of life and whether or not you can guarantee them a happy one.

It is worth noting that French Bulldogs are surprisingly expensive because of the effort the breeder has to put in from the day they’re born to the day they leave their mother. More often than not, French Bulldogs must be artificially inseminated in order to reproduce, and because of the size and shape of these dogs, most females require c-sections. It can be dangerous for female French bulldogs to give birth naturally. All in all, this is an expensive procedure for the breeder and is therefore represented in the price of the dogs.

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Frenchies can be difficult to socialise

French bulldogs, although small, are known for their stubborn nature, which makes them more difficult to train and socialise with people and other dogs. A lot of French Bulldogs possess a standoffish character when it comes to unfamiliar dogs and people, making it arduous for them to socialise effectively. It is your responsibility as the owner to ensure by the age of 14 weeks; your French bulldog has been thoroughly socialised. It is essential to introduce the puppy to a variety of people, situations and environments. If your dog has not been properly socialised by the time they reach 14 weeks old, it may never work and can cause them long-term behavioural issues.

When it comes to the socialisation process, it is important not to force the dog into doing anything he or she doesn’t want to do. It is advised to set up the situation where your dog can meet new people but has the option to decline. If your puppy goes up to new people, make sure to praise them with treats and encouragement. Don’t let other people pet or touch the dog without permission from the dog himself.

They’re destructive

It is good to be aware that French Bulldogs are destructive dogs. They easily get bored and have no mercy when it comes to chewing your beloved possessions. It is more common for these puppies to chew excessively as a way of getting rid of their baby teeth, allowing their adult teeth to move in.

It is important not to tell off your dog when they chew; it is only natural for a dog to want to bite at things. Instead, provide your puppy with items they are allowed to chew such as a bone or chew toy. This will prevent them from destroying your household items. Take a look at these organic, luxury dog treats and chews.

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French Bulldogs don’t require much excersise

For those who have little time to fit dog walks into their busy schedules, then the French Bulldog is the ideal dog. Because of the way their bodies are made up, French bulldogs are intolerant to a lot of exercise. Similarly to pugs and English bulldogs, these dogs have difficulty breathing whilst exercising due to their short noses. Nevertheless, they are prone to weight gain, so ensuring they receive an adequate amount of exercise is essential.

French bulldogs are also relatively sensitive to extreme weather temperatures. Avoid taking them outside when the weather is too hot or too cold, but instead, let them play indoors. These dogs also require a harness rather than a collar. Standard dog collars can cause strain on their neck and crush your puppy’s trachea. A harness, though, allows your dog to freely run or pull on the lead without the risk of injury.

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They suffer from digestive issues

Unfortunately, French Bulldogs suffer from issues with their digestive system, along with other health-related issues. They suffer easily from becoming constipated and are notorious for being gassy dogs. Because of this, it is essential that your dog is fed a high-quality diet. The majority of regular dog food brands such as Pedigree and Iams contain a high percentage of grain and corn, which French Bulldogs are allergic to. Furthermore, because these dogs also have a tendency to gain weight easily, the low-quality food brands should be avoided at all costs. Take a look at what All About Dog Food has to offer.

You should be feeding your dog foods that contain several sources of protein, omega fatty acids and carbohydrates from vegetables. The ideal combination is made up of 30% protein, 30% healthy fats and 20% of carbs. Grain leads to further digestive issues and more gas, so it is crucial to stay clear of foods that contain high concentrates of grain.

French Bulldogs also experience a number of health issues. In most cases, the health problems they possess will not be life-threatening but can be lead to expensive vets bills. The best way to ensure your dog is as healthy as possible is buy from a reputable breeder of pedigree dogs.

These dogs also suffer from issues with their spine. Their vertebrae often develop abnormally or they suffer from premature degeneration of their back disks. This can cause them to become disabled, and although surgery is possible to repair the disks, it is hugely expensive.

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French Bulldogs are particularly affectionate

The most charming feature of these dogs is that they’re extremely affectionate. They require constant attention and want nothing more than to smother their owners in love. Nevertheless, if you feel like you just wouldn’t have enough time to provide a French Bulldog with the attention they require, then this is not the dog for you. Because these dogs do not cope well being left alone, there is always the option of bringing two puppies up together.

These dogs are true lapdogs, through and through. To be happy, French Bulldogs require the companionship of their family and generally just the attention of anyone in close proximity. Nevertheless, these dogs are true advocates of returning the affection they receive. If you are looking for french bulldogs in Milton Keynes, then take a look at the puppies we currently have available.

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